We are developers from China, the founding team is from YY, Huya, Douyu, Tencent and other companies

We will plan to create a voice party APP to achieve the following functions:

Aswat is a multi-person real-time group voice chat application. Here, we have users from all over the world who have created chat rooms with different topics. You can meet new like-minded friends here, chat with them, and enjoy the party!

We have the following functions:

You can conduct high-quality, stable voice chats over the Internet.

-Online party

Here, we have various themed rooms for online parties, birthday parties, wedding parties, games, etc.

-Gorgeous gifts

While enjoying chatting with your friends, you can send them gifts. The exquisite effect comes with the gift. You can have a lot of fun~

-One-on-one private chat

You can chat privately with your friends, send text messages, send pictures and voice messages.

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